to go or not to go??

I am trying to decide if I need to take Toby to the vet this morning. He had a couple of flea bites this week and he must be allergic to flea bites. Tried to take him to the doc on Thursday but was told we could come in this morning 8-12 as a walk-in. Toby seemed to be much better last night with doggie anti-itch spray and benedryl. But this morning he's digging and biting himself. I don't really want to go sit and wait without an appointment. I don't really want to drive the 20 miles each way. I don't really want to have to drive by thousands of tempting rummage sales! After typing my reasons I feel very selfish. Guess I just better get ready and take Toby to see his doctor. Isn't it weird how seeing something in writing can help to make a decision?

Day 2

Day 2 - OH my 2 posts in 2 days! I am on a roll! LOL!

I like to watch a little CNN in the mornings to see what's going on in the world. Today it appears that all the strife, suffering and war have stopped. The reports are 99% Michael Jackson. I feel a bit MJ saturated and really need to turn off the boob tube.

Grew up with Michael's music. In 6th grade my teacher would reward the class by letting us play our little 45 records we brought from home. Michael Jackson's "Rockin Robin" was our favorite.

Death comes for us all. The rich, talented and strange are no exception.

My real issue here today in my life is PEE. Toby our little dog is so smart and he is house trained BUT he likes to mark his territory - GRRRRR! Seems like I always have the steam cleaner handle in my hand. I am trying to understand his motivation. He likes smells but I don't. When I checked the family room with a black light I was shocked! But I did notice there were no markings where Steve sits or where I sit. How respectful : }

We've starting crating Toby when we're not here and at night. Steve was very much against using a crate but Toby doesn't seem to mind it. We call it "going to work" and the crate is his "office". All I have to do is tell Toby it's time to "go to work" and he goes right in his office. If I want to use the word "work" without him perking up his ears, I have to spell it! LOL!

Anyone ever used a belly band on their dogs?

difficulties with my new routine

It's always so much easier going INTO summer vacation then it is going BACK to work. This year has been a little more stressful than the past few years. We have one new person and a LOT of changes. I am living like a 12 stepper - "One Day at a Time".

I do love seeing the students. If you hear people talk about the problems with our young people today, please don't believe every word of it. Yes, there are problems but the hope outweighs the negatives : ) There are some darn good people growing up. People who are kind, compassionate, friendly, brilliant, talented... I can't help to be hopeful.

Today hubby and I will be working on son's house. We've had a replacement window on hand for over a year and haven't put it in yet. Today is the day! The new window will make the little house more energy efficient and secure. Hope we can pull off the job without any back injuries, smashed fingers or nasty comments : )

My heart is with the people evacuating the coast today. mizcarla Stay safe girlie! I am glad to read in your journal you're headed outta there.

I hope to participate here more soon!

Uninvited visitors

This morning Steve found a checkbook in our yard next to my Jeep. It belonged to a neighbor up the street about 6 houses. I always lock my Jeep but for some reason it wasn't locked this time. Someone had gone through my glove box and the arm rest storage. They didn't get anything in my Jeep because there wasn't anything of value. I called my neighbor and told her about her checkbook. Walked over and returned it to her. She had just discovered she had not only left her car unlocked but had left her entire purse in it. The purse with credit cards, ID and everything was gone.

Stopped on my way back home and told some other neighbors about it.

I guess when we leave out "cheese" we're gonna get "mice" : (

Got my grocery shopping done this morning! YAY! Steve shopped for us last week but he only bought items on the list. No fresh fruit or veggies except Bag O' Salad. We've had some nice veggies from my daughter's garden and a few peppers from our plants so it wasn't like we were completely without.

Don't know what to do right now. Finish cleaning up the kitchen and then maybe a nap : ) I am soooo gonna miss my afternoon naps when I go back to work tomorrow.

weird dream and a falling shelf

Last night I dreamed I was climbing down the outside of a brick building. The building wasn't very tall, maybe 3 stories. Don't know why I was scaling down the outside. Dreams can be so weird. One part of my dream had to do with work. I had to go around a LOT of people to put just a few books away. Seemed to take a very long time - very inefficient.

Steve has games today and tomorrow. He was excited!

We had another shelf fall down. It has been up in the laundry room for at least 5 years. Yesterday right after Steve came home from work it crashed down. Oxyclean powder everywhere. I wonder how a shelf can be up for years and then one day just fall.

old - burnt - tired but curious

Having a bit of a sweet tooth here. Started to mix up some instant chocolate pudding but I noticed the best before date was June 02! How did that happen?

Popped some microwave popcorn. Almost started a fire with the popcorn. Ended up dumping the smoldering chunk of popcorn blackness into the sink. It sizzled when I doused it with water.

I'd like to take a nap now but I don't want to miss the Bigfoot announcement that'll be on in about 30 minutes.

Wrapping it up

I was really tired last night but didn't sleep good at all. I am blaming it on PMS.

My Jeep is in the shop today. The Jeep told me it had a bad coolant sensor. The Jeep also tells me the tail lights aren't working but they are. I hate when my Jeep lies to me.

Don't have any concrete plans today. Need to figure out my priorities. I have transportation but I'll probably stay at home today. I need to do some housework. I want to work on my altered Barbie. Need to look through my work clothes and probably hem some pants. Maybe I'll get some casters screwed on the bottom on some shelves for my storage building. Probably should mow but I am not in the mood for that.

Looking forward to my 3 day weekend - ha!