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Last week of summer vacation - wendy_hill — LiveJournal
August 11th, 2008
10:18 am


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Last week of summer vacation
This is my last week of summer vacation. Summers always fly by so quickly. I like working a job that has seasons. It reminds me of the seasons of the year and my own seasons of life. This fall will be my 22nd return to school, not counting the ones when I was a student : ) It's a little sad saying goodbye to Summer. There are so many things I wanted to do but didn't. There are so many things I did do that I will never regret. Spending time with my granddaughters is such a treasure for me.

I am looking forward to seeing the students. Some kids I knew from their elementary days will be moving up to the high school. Some know I am there and others will be surprised. Of course I'll be surprised when I see what fine young men and young ladies they've grown up to be. Always have some new to the area students who will gravitate to the library. I try to make them feel welcomed by remembering their names and what they like to read. Our school has about 2,000 students, I feel like it's important that someone in the building knows their names.

The past weekend was nice. There were no ballgames for hubby to umpire which worked out just fine since it rained and games would have been canceled if there had been any. We worked a little in the garage Saturday morning before it started raining. Sorted and stacked. Found a couple of spider exoskeletons and poured resin around them just for fun. They didn't turn out too bad. I'll be keeping my eyes open for more exoskeletons.

Watched some the the Olympics. It's nice to see so many countries represented. I was a bit disturbed when George W. Was banging his little American flag on his knee. Didn't seem very respectful for the highest officer in the nation to treat the old red, white and blue like that.

Autumn is here this morning. She's very tired. Just watching a video and mushing. Don't want her to do that all day but a little mushing is good for almost everyone : )

Saw several BIG hawks this morning on the drive to pick up Autumn. Had my camera but it wasn't really a good photo opportunity.

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Date:August 11th, 2008 04:19 pm (UTC)

aww you're such a sweetie

I love that make the newbies feel welcome, that's such a nice thing to do Miz Wendy!

Enjoy your last week and stock up on baby girl smooches!

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Date:August 11th, 2008 08:24 pm (UTC)
One more week! Wow, did that pass fast!

The one shot of the pres and his wife wherein she looked bored and he was looking at his watch - now that was priceless (but I had to think to myself that it just isn't fair that people in the limelight have every second of their life scrutinized...but I do agree w/you with the flag thing)

Like w/regard to Edwards - I really don't give a flying f...- he and his wife are dealing with it - and that women needs to be muzzled.
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