wendy_hill (wendy_hill) wrote,

Uninvited visitors

This morning Steve found a checkbook in our yard next to my Jeep. It belonged to a neighbor up the street about 6 houses. I always lock my Jeep but for some reason it wasn't locked this time. Someone had gone through my glove box and the arm rest storage. They didn't get anything in my Jeep because there wasn't anything of value. I called my neighbor and told her about her checkbook. Walked over and returned it to her. She had just discovered she had not only left her car unlocked but had left her entire purse in it. The purse with credit cards, ID and everything was gone.

Stopped on my way back home and told some other neighbors about it.

I guess when we leave out "cheese" we're gonna get "mice" : (

Got my grocery shopping done this morning! YAY! Steve shopped for us last week but he only bought items on the list. No fresh fruit or veggies except Bag O' Salad. We've had some nice veggies from my daughter's garden and a few peppers from our plants so it wasn't like we were completely without.

Don't know what to do right now. Finish cleaning up the kitchen and then maybe a nap : ) I am soooo gonna miss my afternoon naps when I go back to work tomorrow.
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