wendy_hill (wendy_hill) wrote,

difficulties with my new routine

It's always so much easier going INTO summer vacation then it is going BACK to work. This year has been a little more stressful than the past few years. We have one new person and a LOT of changes. I am living like a 12 stepper - "One Day at a Time".

I do love seeing the students. If you hear people talk about the problems with our young people today, please don't believe every word of it. Yes, there are problems but the hope outweighs the negatives : ) There are some darn good people growing up. People who are kind, compassionate, friendly, brilliant, talented... I can't help to be hopeful.

Today hubby and I will be working on son's house. We've had a replacement window on hand for over a year and haven't put it in yet. Today is the day! The new window will make the little house more energy efficient and secure. Hope we can pull off the job without any back injuries, smashed fingers or nasty comments : )

My heart is with the people evacuating the coast today. mizcarla Stay safe girlie! I am glad to read in your journal you're headed outta there.

I hope to participate here more soon!
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