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to go or not to go?? - wendy_hill — LiveJournal
June 27th, 2009
07:10 am


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to go or not to go??
I am trying to decide if I need to take Toby to the vet this morning. He had a couple of flea bites this week and he must be allergic to flea bites. Tried to take him to the doc on Thursday but was told we could come in this morning 8-12 as a walk-in. Toby seemed to be much better last night with doggie anti-itch spray and benedryl. But this morning he's digging and biting himself. I don't really want to go sit and wait without an appointment. I don't really want to drive the 20 miles each way. I don't really want to have to drive by thousands of tempting rummage sales! After typing my reasons I feel very selfish. Guess I just better get ready and take Toby to see his doctor. Isn't it weird how seeing something in writing can help to make a decision?

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Date:June 27th, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
well the rain probably washed away the garage sales

jax off at obedience school
Gus is having a fit
he Never felt bad about his sister being gone

funny about that _must be because she's such a bitch

hope you stopped at just the right sales
and Toby's not hit muscle!
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Date:June 27th, 2009 04:35 pm (UTC)
So glad to see you're still here in LJ land : ) I swear every time I see mushrooms I think of you.

No rain here today but didn't look like there are very many sales. Probably this heat burnt em up. I did stop at one on the way home. Bought a little .50 cherub planter. Parked in the shade with the windows down a bit but didn't dare leave Toby for more than 3-4 minutes.

WHAT kind of obedience school?! Sounds funny "jax off at obedience school" LOL!

I bet all Gus's sisters and his mother are bitches ; )

Vet gave Toby a shot and Toby hasn't scratched since! Magic!

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Date:June 27th, 2009 04:54 pm (UTC)
Cedarcide should be able to help your dog out with fleas, flea allergies, itching. My little cat had pretty bad flea allergies and a hot spot she kept licking and scratching until it bled and got all scabby...and she had some pretty gross skin scaling on her rump. (poor baby...) After using the Cedarcide a few times on those spots, she stopped scratching and they cleared up.

The Vet is giving your dogs meds that solve the symptoms and they might not necessarily solve the underlying problem. Plus, some of those pet meds can be really dangerous to animals. That's why I like going with something like Cedarcide-it's non toxic, effective and cheap, compared to vet bills & overpriced pet meds.

There are tons of testimonials from pet owners who have used their product, on their wbesite- http://www.cedarcidestore.com/page/page/4633404.htm

Also, if you're using a spot drop flea preventative on your pet(s), you might want to read this- http://www.cedarcidestore.com/alert_Spotdrops.html
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Date:June 27th, 2009 05:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks Lisa. I need to look into getting some cedarcide. Did you have to order it or can you purchase it locally?

I did take Toby in this morning. Doc said the itching could be caused by flea bites or even other seasonal things. Toby did have a flare up like this last year (but not as bad) and I think it was just about this time too. Doc told me to watch for when this happens. He also gave me a lot of other info too. I did stock up on Frontline. I am almost afraid to read the link you gave me for stopdrops : } From what I understand Frontline is birth control for fleas.

Are you going to yard sales today? Auctions?
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