wendy_hill (wendy_hill) wrote,

to go or not to go??

I am trying to decide if I need to take Toby to the vet this morning. He had a couple of flea bites this week and he must be allergic to flea bites. Tried to take him to the doc on Thursday but was told we could come in this morning 8-12 as a walk-in. Toby seemed to be much better last night with doggie anti-itch spray and benedryl. But this morning he's digging and biting himself. I don't really want to go sit and wait without an appointment. I don't really want to drive the 20 miles each way. I don't really want to have to drive by thousands of tempting rummage sales! After typing my reasons I feel very selfish. Guess I just better get ready and take Toby to see his doctor. Isn't it weird how seeing something in writing can help to make a decision?
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